“State’s Attorney Is Accused of Stalking”


In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Attorney General Andrew Shrivell is being charged with stalking and being given a restraining order. Anthony Shrivell is an assistant attorney general for the State of Michigan. He is a former student of the University of Michigan, who began protesting against a student, Chris Armstrong, who is the openly gay president of the University’s student council. The attorney general is apparently an anti-homosexual advocate, and claims that Armstrong has a “radical homosexual agenda” to “recruit students to the homosexual lifestyle”.  He started a website aimed against Armstrong’s supposed agenda. He also has been following Armstrong to rallies, which resulted in him being banned from the University of Michigan campus. Even after his ban, he has followed Armstrong on campus and made a video of campus police shutting down a party at his dorm room. This is when the student decided to get a restraining order against the assistant attorney general. Andrew Shrivell’s boss, Attorney General Mike Cox, has refused to fire him, claiming that he has First Amendment rights, and that he does not feel that Shrivell’s actions give him license to fire him. Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, the former attorney general, claims that she would have fired him immediately.

From a public relations perspective, one of the questions that can be asked is: Will it bring in bad publicity for the current attorney general to refuse to fire Shrivell?

In my opinion, Andrew Shrivell’s actions are very extreme and could constitute firing. He could have approached the situation differently and still voiced his concern and disapproval with the student’s “radical gay recruitment plan”. However, Shrivell showed extremity and hatred by following the student around to rallies, creating a hateful website, and even making a video of him in his college dorm room. This is extreme behavior that should not be taken lightly by the current attorney general, and in my opinion, it is likely to bring in PR to the attorney general and all those involved. I feel that the attorney general should express more concern with Shrivell’s actions, in order to avoid appearing insensitive to the issue/the severity of his actions. If he does not handle the issue carefully, It could likely bring in a lot of negative attention from the public and from gay rights groups.



Michael Moore gives his opinion on the Islamic Center

In a recent article on CNN’s political ticker, Michael Moore is quoted as he proudly states his opinion on the Islamic Center being built near Ground Zero–a topic which has been the source of much controversy and debate recently. Moore, who is a liberal filmmaker, stated that Americans should form objective opinions abut the Islamic center because “they risk coming out on the wrong side of history if they don’t”. He goes on to say, “We have to separate the emotion from it sometimes because if we just let emotion take over and run things, the wrong decisions get made”. He then goes on to compare the situation to slavery, killing indians, and women not voting in the U.S.

From a Public Relations perspective, I feel that Moore is making statements that will very likely give him bad publicity. The issue of the Islamic mosque being built near Ground Zero is very sensitive topic, especially to Americans who lost family members in the tragedy. His statements sound one-sided, insensitive, and judgemental. He is very adamant about the idea that  any Americans who are opposed to the Mosque are going off of emotion instead of logic. However, plenty of logical arguments can and have been made against the building of the Islamic Center near Ground Zero. Also, Moore compares the situation to slavery and women not voting, which is also very likely to cause uproar against him from the public. This is due to the fact that those two topics are entirely different in context; slavery was inflicted on completely innocent human beings, while the building of the Islamic Center is being rejected by many as a result of very terrible events that were inflicted on our country (and specifically the Ground Zero area), by followers of the Muslim faith. To compare the two events is not only insensitve, but it is likely to give Moore very negative publicity from people everywhere. I feel that celebrities such as Moore should be much more cautious when giving their opinions on controversial world news. It is likely that his publicits will soon be preparing apology statements to different organizations and the public on his behalf.

Source: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/09/13/moore-separate-the-emotion-from-islamic-center-reaction.com