Arizona voters approve medical marijuana use

In recent elections, Arizona voters officially approved the legalization of medical marijuana. The campaign manager for the legalization of medical marijuana was quoted in an article saying, “Now begins the very hard work of implementing this program in the way it was envisioned, with very high standards…we really believe that we have an opportunity to set an example to the rest of the country on what a good medical marijuana program looks like.” The vote in favor of legalization won by only a few thousand votes. Those who oppose medical marijuana do so mainly because of the fact that they do not feel that it will be used only by patients who need it for medical purposes.

Due to the highly controversial nature of this issue and the fact that the state was basically divided in half on their opinions, I feel that the public relations aspect is very important. Now that medical marijuana use has been legalized, Andrew Myers, the campaign manager for the legalization of Marijuana, should focus on showing what exactly is being done in order to ensure that the drug will only be used by those who need it for medical purposes. If the public is not assured that marijuana use will be monitored and that it will be safely used, the uproar against it is likely to continue and cause division and negativity towards state government. It is crucial that the public relations campaign for this issue provides assurance and factual information in order to create and maintain peace.


2 responses to “Arizona voters approve medical marijuana use

  1. I feel like this is something that they are going to have to work really hard on to make sure that it is used for the right ways. I feel like for the past few years that the topic of legalizing Marijuana has really been more talked about than in the recent years. I am not an expert on this topic so im not sure what they should od about it. i just thin now alot of people maybe pretending to have medical issues just so they can get the drugs. Because people now already do this with other medicine so i dont think that this will stop them from trying with marijuana.

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