Kanye West discusses his controversial actions on the Today Show

Kanye West appeared on the “Today Show”  to answer questions about various controversial comments and actions that he made in recent years. One of the main incidents discussed was when he called president Bush a racist. When asked if he regretted the comment, Kanye was a bit two-sided in his answer. He stated that he did not want to use the word “regret”, and that his comments came from a very pure place. However, he also stated that he acted on emotion and that he did not feel that he had that authority to pin the president as a racist.

From a public relations perspective, I feel that it was a good idea for Kanye to appear on the Today Show in efforts to repair his image and clear up a lot of the negative feelings towards him. However, I feel that he should have put more time into preparation for the interview. A lot of his answers seemed unclear and two-sided. He seemed to get angry and defensive at various points in the interview and was not cooperative with the way the interview was run. I feel that he should have prepared a more firm explanation to give to the public. I think that overall the public will appreciate his efforts to explain himself, but that this opportunity could have been optimized more by Kanye. More preparation would have likely given him better results in reparing his image.


One response to “Kanye West discusses his controversial actions on the Today Show

  1. I think the appearance definitely helped his image. By talking about the issues instead of hiding from them, Kanye showed that he is ready to confront the issues. This shows me that he may have finally grown up.

    In the past, if someone brought up something he said he would just go off more. It’s a nice change that he is coming clean.

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