Kristen Stewart is Not Happy About Her Celebrity Status

Actress Kristen Stewart, of the famous “Twilight” movie franchise, was recently quoted saying that she does not consider herself a celebrity, does not enjoy being in the spotlight, and does not appreciate the  attention that her personal life gets. She shared certain undersirable incidences, such as her grandparents being concerned and calling her parents when they heard she was pregnant with co-star Robert Pattinson’s child due to false magazine advertisements.  Stewart stated that being a celebrity is not desirable, and that it is “bizarre” to her that everyone is so obsessive about her and/or the movies. She also stated that she does not have intentions of becoming a big movie star.

Stewart often faces criticism from the media for not being very personable or inviting in interviews, and seeming overall unpleasant and bothered when seen off-screen. In my opinion, and from a PR perspective, I feel  that being in the public eye is a part of a being a celebrity/actor. Stewart could be bringing bad publicity her way and tarnishing her image as an actress with her negativity towards the idea of being a celebrity. I feel that she should keep her ill feelings about being in the spotlight to herself, as it could show a lack of appreciation to her fans. If her fan base were to all of a sudden decline, I am sure she would want some of the “bizarre” attention back. While I do not think she needs to express constant joy, Stewart should show a bit more warmth and appreciation, and realize that many actors would love be in her shoes.



4 responses to “Kristen Stewart is Not Happy About Her Celebrity Status

  1. Kristen Stewart has always been interesting. While I do feel sorry for her private life now being invaded twenty four seven, I feel she should have known it was coming after taking such a big role. If she didn’t want to become a famous movie star, she shouldn’t have decided to play Bella, the most popular teenage girl in Hollywood. Obviously, the books were a huge success before the movies were in production, so she can’t pretend like she thought Twilight was going to be a “run of the mill” movie series. The thing about Twilight fans is that they are very obsessive-they are definitely a different breed of fan and I’ll admit, I am one of them. However, I do respect her privacy and I do feel sorry for her. Who wants their grandmother calling them asking if they are pregnant because of a silly tabloid magazine? Being a movie star would be an incredibly tough life to live, but I must agree with you in saying that she could handle it a little better.

  2. I also agree with you that even if she does not like the spot light she should not let her feelings be so obvious. She did choose this career if she does not like it than why continue to do it. She is making tons of money and you dont hear her coplaning about that. She should be glad people are so interested in her becasue that mean even more money for her. She needs to be a little more grateful for all the things she has.

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  4. To some extent, I understand why Stewart doesn’t want to constantly be in the public eye. Like other young women in Hollywood, it might be better for her to lay low until she grows older. Too many women are ending up like Lindsay Lohan because the media drives them crazy, but Stewart could be pleasant when she’s declining people an interview.

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