Minnesota Viking’s quaterback involved in scandal

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is currently involved in a scandal involving game hostess Jenn Sterger. Favre has been accused of sexual harassment, as Sterger released voicemails and photo messages that are believed to be from Favre. Favre is also in the process of writing a book on how celebrity athletes should deal with a sexual crisis. In his book Favre claims that in the midst of a crisis, it is best not to admit to anything, not to apologize, and to show off your talent. He has not said much regarding the scandal. However, he has already been removed from the NFL broadcasts by “Wrangler”. The question of whether the NFL should suspend Favre reigns.

From a public relations perspective, I feel that NFL did make a good move in removing his “wrangler” adds from NFL broadcasts. Any time someone is involved in a sexual harassment scandal, his/her image is questionable to the public, making any products that they are possibly endorsing become associated with their negative image. I think that until the definite facts of his involvement in this sexual harassment case is determined, it is not necessary to actually suspend him. I also feel that his statements about dealing with a scandal are somewhat flawed; from a public relations perspective, it seems more sensible to admit your wrongs and apologize, rather than withhold the truth from the public. Not being apologetic or admitting his wrongs could make it seem that he has not learned from his mistakes,  making his image remain tainted from the scandal in the public’s eyes.


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